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Curiosyti : What whe heat

fish & shellfish-
contens influence of Anisakis spp.parasites finding on the
quality of fishes in north Adriatic sea.

Trial bath trement by stressful condition induced disease of catfisch ( Amiurus nebulosus )

Special interrest patology of Fishes, crabs and shellfishes,aquaculture.Summary The Anisakis larva was found 30
years ago in some fish species in the adriatic sea. the latest data reports growing incidence of Anisakis larva in marine fishes classified in 34 species (26.47%) and 79 samples (19,12%) the most invadeed species were horse mackerel (100%)white the small blue fish delivered to the market was invadedin (56,6%)
casas so far no case of human anisakiasis has been recorded in this contry,probably because no raw or poorly salten fish are eaten.